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Made with Desi Cow’s Dung
No Carbon content
Recycled Paper for Packaging
Cruelty - Free

“The most fragrant agarbatti I have ever used! My pooja room feels like heaven after my morning aarti! Never get tired of using these incense sticks every now and then. The scent is very peculiar, and very nostalgic. Like an earthy scent.“

Muskaan Sharma
Yoga Enthusiast

“The fragrance is unlike anything I've experienced before – it's divine and soothing. As a yoga enthusiast, these incense sticks have become a part of my practice. It's a real value for money product 35 premium quality sticks for such a price! “

Puneet Verma
Working Professional

“After a long working day, Burning incense and practising meditation is what helps me relax. All the tensions and stress simply alleviates from my body! Would recommend everyone to try this atleast once! “

Dolly Nagpal

“The luxurious packaging caught my eye, and the moment I lit one, I was blown away by the aromatic experience. The fragrance lingers long after the incense has burned out, and has become a staple in my daily rituals, helping me unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day. “

Rohit Gupta
Working Professional
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