People often ask what Mrugashi stands for... Well, there is a narrative that led to its birth that goes on like this ...

In a village, Sage Vishnu had an encounter with a mystical deer amidst fragrant wildflowers. The air was filled with a captivating aroma, creating a sacred bond. Captivated by this divine connection and the enchanting fragrance, he bestowed the name "Mrugashi" upon the noble creature, signifying the deer's blessings and the essence of spirituality.

The mystical deer's presence became a reminder of the sacredness of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings, guided by the mesmerizing fragrance that permeated the air. This enchanting moment sparked the inception of a legacy, a tribute to the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, with fragrance as a symbol of their profound bond. From that day forth, "Mrugashi" stood as a beacon of harmony, guiding seekers on a journey of spiritual awakening, nature reverence, and profound understanding.

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